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Private aviation service at Princess Juliana Airport, SXM


One of the major strong holds for the airport of St Maarten besides the millions of tourist visiting the island annually is the private aviation industry. This industry is very demanding and customers expect only the best and where privacy is key to these customers. The handlers like Arindell and Meenzies understand the importance and challenges that come with it. These handlers are committed to provide a high end services, because they understand what is required to operate in this industry. Therefor they are only allowed and accepted to operate in this industry for many years, because they are a trustworthy partner and understand and recognize the importance of the private jet industry not only for themselves but also for the economy of St. Maarten.

These St Maarten aviation companies are handling hundreds of private and corporate planes every year and they understand traveling and its challenges. They provide high quality, personalized and stress free services to their customers. Being an international jet handlers, they understand their sophisticated clientele and as such have implemented the highest service and standards as available in todays industry. Their staff are highly skillful, well trained according service standards in their industry.

International jet handler companies at SXM :  

  • Arrindell Aviation Services :
  • The Logical Choice – Aviation :
  • Meenzies Aviation Services :

Princess Juliana Airport is the leader of the Caribbean aviation industry, because of its dedicated upscale Fixed Based Operations (FBO) building for private jet operations and that is whty the have the competitive edge in the aviation industry.

Private jet charters to St Maarten

There are two sections in the FBO building to facilitate comfortable operations by two handlers. TLC has its office in the west side of the building and Arrindell Aviation Services in the south section. THe building can be accesses from the north and south side. Lounges are provided to protect the privacy of the their passengers and separate lounges for the aircraft crews. Immigration and bagage handling can be found in the FBO building as well.

Very important to these handlers is client privacy, which is taken very serious.

Private jet charters to St Maarten