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Owner of Blueoceanvillas, St MaartenTo proof who we are and to show our website visitors, that we are real people not hiding behind the internet cloud and that we are an accomplished and trustworthy company. Therefore we are featuring testimonials, quotes and opinions from clients who have worked with us in the past to show you, that others have had good experiences. This is what they call “credibility markers” in the business. Do not take our word for it, but we are proud to have clients from all over the world and we want to share their St Maarten or St Martin vacation villa rental testimonials.

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By Sonja van der Drift

Everything was great ! Villa  “Arcadia” was fantastic, will have dates for you soon for next years visit. (June 2018)

Greg V., Venice, FL


Thank you so much for all of your hard work and dedication to being the absolute best in the business. Our trip was just perfect and your staff is just top notch. Our friends were just as in love with the island as we have been and they are already talking about when we’ll be able to go back. It feels like leaving home. It’s sad to see so few tourists on the island, and I can only hope that the people start to return to the Friendly Island soon! I know the industry needs to revive to help support the rebuilding efforts, though I was pretty floored by how much progress has been made thus far. Some of the areas are pretty heartbreaking, but it’s so much easier to see the spirit of the island than the wreckage Irma left behind. Thank you so much for all of your guidance and incredible patience with our neediness. We can’t wait to come back!

Thanks again, a million times, and I’m sure you’ll hear from us soon!


Note from editor : Our client stayed in Villa Bamboo (July 2018)

Samantha E., Charlotte, NC


Hi Sonja

sorry for the delay but I was heading for La Martinique after Sint Maarten and just got back … Our trip was amazing !!!
Like I said many times before I’m glad I found you because you gave me a lot of assistance in organizing the whole thing
villa the arches was AMAZING !!! I would go back anytime
Speranza was really nice and the location perfect

thanks again for everything

Note from editor : Our client stayed in Villa Speranza

François T, Québec, Canada


Hi Sonja,

We had a great trip and want to thank you for all that you did for us. Everything worked out exactly as planned. Villa Arcadia was perfect, the car rental met our needs perfectly. There was absolutely nothing that we had any troubles with. So you get an A+ for all that you did for us. Well done! We will be certain to recommend your services to our friends should they wish to travel south in the future

Bob M, Ontario, Canada


Sonja, our stay on St. Maarten was wonderful. The weather co-operated beautifully, the island was it’s usual friendly self, and we encountered no problem at any time. Your point person met us at the rental car office on time, took us to the Villa via a different route which helps to learn the island, and re-introduced us to the staff.  Villa Mahogany was exactly as we remembered it – absolutely peaceful, convenient, as well as comfortable. My siblings raved about it. The house staff also contributed to our successful stay and I can’t praise their efforts enough. We were very well taken care of. Thank you for all your help and I’m sure we will talk again soon.

Phil & Shirley R, Massachusetts, USA


Dear Sonja,

Back at home I want to thank you for your commitment to us! We had a wonderful vacation in the friendly island and look forward to come back in the future.

Lucas O, Argentina


Hi Sonja

I think that I am all set for my summer vacations!! Your help has been fantastic and I could not be more pleased with the care you have given me. Thank you very much

Raul V, Chile


we had a wonderful time and enjoyed the villa Hope Cottage very much.  ate many an evening meal at Daniels by the Sea, excellant Italian food.  when we dropped of the keys Saturday morning the ReMax office was closed so we left them at the grocery.  I was going to mention that I thought the batteries in the remote control for the gate might need to be changed as it worked but not very well.  also for what ever it is worth I wish I had known how steep a grade the drive was to get to the villa because I would have rented a car with more power than what I had.  but it all worked out ok.  by the way we were comming down the drive one morning to go eat breakfast and a large monkey ran accross the road in front of us.  on the way back up 4 more ran accross in the same spot.  3 juveniles and one adult.  didn’t know there were monkeys on the island but it was interesting to see.

thank you for all of your assistance Sonya, you helped make our experience a good one.  it was wonderful to get away to such a nice place and difficult to come back to the snow.

Elwood B, Michigan, USA


Yes we had a very nice time. The house is the perfect size and a really great location. Thanks for you assistance.

Note from Editor : Villa Gianna

Mark W, Illinois, USA


Hi Sonja,

Yes we had a wonderful time everything was as expected, thank you so much for your help.

If you’d like me to post a review somewhere I’d be happy to do so. Paul D was also a very big help with a few questions we had. Do you plan trips to Florida by any chance?

Note from editor : Villa Rising Star and yes we have vacation villa rentals in Florida

Mark C, Canada



We loved Villa Prana.  It was our second year we stayed there, and it felt like home (if our home was in St. Maarten).  There were days when we decided just to stay at the villa and hang out at the pool instead of going to the beach.  The villa offers nice views, amazing privacy, well equipped kitchen, reliable internet (so I can check up on what’s going on at the office, and emailing our friends “wish you were here” pictures), great pool, etc., etc.  Hopefully, we can return next year, but we do have one complaint and that is the bed.  After the first few days, my back would hurt for a short while after getting up, but after 7 days or so, it would hurt all day.  Vicki’s back was bothering her too, but not as bad.  One night on the second week, we slept on the couches in the living room and my back felt better.  I travel a lot and even after spending 4 weeks in a hotel in China, my back doesn’t bother me.

Normally I wouldn’t bring this up but we would like to go back to St. Maarten again and as much as we like Villa Prana, I don’t think we would stay there again if the bed isn’t changed. I am assuming that the green room gets rented and used more than the others and therefore is likely to have the most worn mattress.  I don’t know if anyone else has or would mention the mattress, but if you sleep on it for two weeks like we do it can be really uncomfortable.

Thank you for all your help with our vacation planning.

Note from editor : The owners have listened to this complaint and have changed the bed in the mean time. The clients are returning to villa Prana this year with their family

Patrick & Vicky B, Pennsylvania, USA


Hi Sonja,

They had a wonderful time on the island and at the Regatta. They won! The entire team is very excited.

I have been coordinating the different villas for Mr. W for all the regatta’s and I must say you are truly a pleasure to work with.

Thank you for all your assistance, the information you provided, and for being so quick to respond especially with the AC.
I will let you know about next year!

Note from editor : Our client won the 2014 Heineken Regatta

Marlene V, Florida, USA


We had a great time Sonja and villa Bonita was very nice. We did enjoy staying in the Orient area and the convenience of the location. We can’t wait to go back, just not sure when that will be. When I nail that down, I’ll be sure to contact you for help. Thanks again for everything.

Pete N, New York, USA


Dear Sonja,

The Villa Arcadia was absolutely beautiful and fully equipped with everything one could possibly need.  The view of the bay and the sea beyond  was even more spectacular than the photos on the website.  The cleaning lady, Mavis, was exceptional and meticulous about keeping the house clean.  Please extend our thanks to the owners for making this such a lovely place to stay.

Sonja, thank you so much for finding this rental property for us and for coordinating every detail.  You have been wonderful to work with and we will not hesitate to contact you again in the future should we wish to return to St. Martin.

Bonny G and Eduardo D, Virginia, USA


Hi Sonja,

Everything was great and we enjoyed ourselves. The villa worked out great. Only issues and certainly not a reflection on you, perhaps we would stay on the Dutch side next time! Found coming from Canada the fact that the current is different than ours on the French side is a bit of a nuisance (Dutch side is North American). Also, lunch/dinner was much more expensive on the French side (almost double the cost) than on the Dutch side too. Also the people were much more noticeably friendlier on the Dutch Side too. Having the car, didn’t really matter too much though. The pool as La Siesta was very nice too.

Thanks for all you help and hope you can help us in the near future too.

Julie S, Ontario, Canada


Hi Sonja

We had a wonderful time. The weather was beautiful just like the villa. The view was one of the best we’ve had so far.
Can’t wait to go back again next year (hopefully).
Once again thanks for all of your help with our arrangements.

Lorie W, Canada


Hallo Sonja,
Had niet gedacht dat ik je helemaal niet zou ontmoeten.
We hebben alle vier “heimwee” en hebben een fantastisch verblijf gehad. Enige vervelende ervaring is de inbraak in een van de 2 auto’s met verlies van een kite.
Iedereen wil nu al terug……

Note from editor : Villa Sea Haven

Bert D, The Netherlands


Ja bedankt Sonja, alles was fijn in orde .

Groetjes uit het koude belgie 😉

Note from editor : Villa Alexambre

Pascal R, Belgium


Hi Sonja,

Thank you. We had a wonderful time. Actually we have loved all the places we stayed in St. Martin. Baie Longe Beach House was beautiful and it’s pretty hard to beat staying right on the beach! That made it very special and hard to leave. A great place to relax! Thanks for always taking such great care of us.

Sharon W, Canada


Dear Sonja,

We really like it.
The only negative point is about no air condition in the living room and kitchen.

Thank you for all.

Michael R, France



Casey and I had a wonderful week , Hope Cottage was great with views to die for.  We appreciate all your help, your suggestions for things to do including the restaurants was like a tour guide for us.

Thanks again,

Bill and Casey K , Georgia, USA