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Weather News Beaches St Maarten St Martin

Find more about Weather in Juliana Airport, SXM Due to the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea the Island generates a typical tropical climate of sunny skies, warm temperatures and the trade winds help keep the weather warm but not hot. In January you will enjoy summer like warmth in the low 80s, with water temperatures in the 70’s. Sunshine is dominant and scattered clouds may produce a light shower. After sunset, expect mild nighttime temperatures in the mid 70’s. During spring and summer, the frequency of more-intense rain showers and winds may increases due to tropical waves in the region. Temperatures are going to be in the upper 80’s most days, surpassing 90 degree on rare occasions.

Wind, Wave and Beach Forecast North East side of the Island

The most common misconception, about the French West Indies is that it must be much hotter in summer than it is during the rest of the year. In fact, the average monthly temperatures remains stable, caused by the tradewinds, which bring refreshing breezes from the northeast throughout the year. December through May is considered the dry and tourist high season, while June through November is considered the more humid season with average temperatures from 72F to 86F. The ocean water temperatures stays between 68F and 74F). The Hurricane season starts June through November. Some travelers purchase trip cancellation insurance during the most active period of the hurricane season.