GoFundMe St Maarten update by Natesha Stephenson-Wolfe

St Maarten hurricane relief fund update by Natesha Stephenson-Wolfe

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GoFundMe St Maarten relief fund update by Natesha Stephenson-Wolfe

GoFundMe St Maarten hurricane relief fund Update

I would like to share the following message I received from Natesha Stephenson-Wolfe who is helping distributing the gofundme funds to the ones in desperate need on the island of St Maarten.



I want to take time out to say a special thank you to Sonja Van Der Drift & all her GoFundMe contributors!!!

Our country SXM was hit by a massive, destructive monster hurricane that was later upgraded to a typhoon due to its strength & its size. It caused havoc and chaos on our beautiful island leaving many homeless, terrified, heartbroken, living in nightmares & some mourning the death of their loved ones.

Words cannot expressed how traumatizing it was to hear our roofs shaking and rambling, to feel the vibrating effect the hurricane had on our houses structure and to hear the whistling, howling & monstrous sounds wondering in fear if we’ll be devoured by the storm. Strong high winds over two hundred and add miles per hour tore apart trees, light poles, vehicles, fences, shutters, doors, buildings & every and anything in its path causing massive destruction and putting us in a dire situation.

St maarten devastation after hurricane irma

View of the aftermath of Hurricane Irma on Sint Maarten Dutch part of Saint Martin island in the Caribbean September 7, 2017.

After the hurricane had passed their were so many destructions, some houses flat to the ground, trees uprooted, vehicles thrown miles away from where they were parked, many laying all over the road turned upside down, windshields smashed by flying debris. Piles of debris upon debris spread out all over the roads, leaving hardly any place to walk, roofs ripped off their foundation and thrown a distance from their homes, people scrambling searching for loved ones, children crying, parents terrified and trying desperately to hold back tears, it’s like being in a horror movie, that seemed to have no end. Hurricane Erma came to devour SXM and everyone in its path!!! A monster that many will still be in fear of and remember for many years to come. I’ve never experienced anything like this in my entire life, and I would not wish it upon anyone.

Lots of buildings were destroyed, many supermarkets, stores, GEBE our electric & water company, internet cables, antennas etc, cable, satellite, schools, churches, government buildings, homes etc. The devastation left many in need of aid, food, water, shelter, clothing, etc.

I can say I’ve been fortunate to have Sonja my very dear friend for many years started a GoFundMe page and entrusted me with contribution to help myself and the many people I see in need. There’s not enough words to say thank you, and it is not enough to express the gratitude and gratefulness we feel.

An older lady living with her young daughter lost everything and was only able to save a few personal items, now living with a friend, was speechless with tears running down her face when I handed her an envelope with monetary contribution, and provided supplies for her. Another family, A pregnant mother with three children while her husband was off island was in dire need of food and water and humbly bowed her head in tears while her children looked on with gratitude as I brought her food and also monetary contribution to help out when she had no one else to help her. A security guard with a newborn baby and wife lost everything and left them running for shelter from family also showed much courage and thankfulness for receiving contribution, an older lady who had a back injury and lost her job in dire need showed much appreciation and gratitude for receiving grocery & monetary contribution. A young girl who lost her mom due to injuries she sustain during Erma when their roof blew off was very grateful when she also received a contribution. The lists goes on…and on…everyone that has received contributions are people in need, some are people who have lost everything, people who have no one to turn to, people who are deserving, and people who are desperately in need.

On behalf of the people of SXM & myself who have benefited from your generous contribution in a time when we are desperately in need, I say, “THANK YOU Sonja & GoFundMe Contributors!!!”

You all have made a big deference in our life’s and we’re very grateful and appreciative. Thank you all so much and may the kindness you have bestowed on us helped us to help others in the future when we’re able… remembering a time when we ourselves were in need and received help. May your blessings multiply in abundance. I sincerely thank you all so very much!!!!

Best Regards and my sincere appreciation to you all with overflowing love,
Natesha Stephenson-Wolfe

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